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Art • Magic • Herbalism • Divination

I'm Mariana, the soul behind this botanical haven.

I am a trained aromatherapist, life-long student of herbalism, herbal magic and green witchery. I illustrate magical herbs to deepen my connection with their plant spirits and gain a deeper understanding of their nature and properties.

I am currently working on creating a herbal oracle deck that will combine divination, plant lore and plant medicine into a system that will marry pharmacognosy, magical herbalism and self-development.


My journey with the magic of plants began through a desire to bridge the realms of the spiritual and the physical. What started as an exploration of incense blends and anointing oils soon evolved into a deep connection with medicinal herbs and the power they hold to heal both body and spirit.


As we grow, so will the ever-growing online herbal filled with magical wisdom, scientific knowledge, and artful inspiration, where you can embark on your own path to holistic well-being. 

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