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Guepinia helvelloides | Apricot jelly

Updated: Jan 2

Guepinia helvelloides, commonly known as the jelly club fungus or orange jelly fungus, is a type of edible mushroom with a gelatinous or rubbery texture.

guepinia helvelloides mycological illustration

The apricot jelly mushroom can be appreciated for its unique appearance and culinary uses. Here is some information about its characteristics and potential correspondences:

Mycological Information:

  • Mushroom Type: Guepinia helvelloides belongs to the group of jelly fungi. These fungi are often characterized by their gelatinous, rubbery, or jelly-like texture. The orange jelly fungus, as the name suggests, is typically orange or reddish in color.

Magical Correspondences:

  • Adaptability: The unique texture and appearance of jelly fungi like Guepinia helvelloides can symbolize adaptability and resilience in various contexts.

  • Femininity: It's unique appearance can be reminiscent of the vulva, and can be used symbolically in works of feminine mysteries.

Elemental Correspondences

  • Element: Water

  • Planet: Venus

  • Color: White, Pale Yellow

Associated Deitites and Traditions

  • Aphrodite: The Greek goddess of love, beauty, and creativity, Aphrodite is associated with abundance and creativity.

  • Prosperity deities: Some prosperity deities, such as Lakshmi from Hinduism and Ceres from Roman mythology, may also be associated with Guepinia helvelloides.

Uses in Rituals

Guepinia helvelloides may be used in rituals to:

  • Attract abundance

  • Enhance creativity

  • Connect with Aphrodite or other prosperity deities

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