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Calendula officinalis | Marigold

Calendula officinalis, commonly known as calendula or pot marigold, is a herbaceous plant with a long history of both medicinal and magical uses. It is native to southern Europe and North Africa, but is now cultivated worldwide. Calendula is valued for its bright orange or yellow flowers, which are often used in herbal teas, potpourri, and cosmetics.

Botanical Information:

  • Plant Type: Calendula officinalis is an annual herbaceous plant.

  • Appearance: It typically has bright yellow or orange daisy-like flowers with dark centers.

  • Habitat: Calendula is native to the Mediterranean region and is commonly grown in gardens and cultivated in many parts of the world.

Medicinal Uses

Calendula has been used medicinally for centuries. It is a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Calendula is traditionally used to treat wounds, burns, and skin infections. It is also used to relieve pain and inflammation.

Magical Correspondences:

  • Protection: Calendula is often used for protective purposes. It can be placed near doorways or windows to ward off negative energies.

  • Healing: The flower is associated with healing, and its petals can be used in healing spells or rituals.

  • Divination: Calendula petals can be used in divination practices, such as scrying or dream work.

Elemental Correspondences:

  • Element: Fire. Calendula's vibrant colors and association with the sun link it to the element of fire.

Planetary and Astrological Correspondences:

  • Planet: Sun. Calendula is associated with the sun due to its bright and sunny appearance.

  • Astrological Signs: Leo and Aries, which are both ruled by the sun, are associated with calendula.

Associated Deities and Traditions:

  • In some traditions of modern Paganism and Wicca, calendula is associated with deities like Apollo, Ra, and Brigid, who are solar deities.

  • In certain traditions of folk magic, calendula has been used to protect against evil influences and to enhance one's psychic abilities.

It's important to note that the correspondences and associations of plants like calendula can vary between different cultural and magical traditions.

Uses in Rituals, Spellwork and Magic

Calendula is a versatile plant that can be used in a variety of magical practices. It can be used to bless objects, create protective amulets, and attract love and abundance. Calendula can also be used to promote healing and peace.

Here are some specific examples of how calendula can be used in magic:

  • To bless a new home, sprinkle dried calendula petals around the doorway.

  • To create a protective amulet, carry a small sachet of dried calendula flowers with you.

  • To attract love, add calendula petals to a bath or wear jewelry made with calendula.

  • To promote healing, make a calendula tea or apply calendula oil to the affected area.

  • To create a peace ritual, burn calendula incense or place a calendula flower on an altar.

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