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Handcrafted Botanical Oracle Deck

This deck features 56 plant and mushroom allies, most of them well known from our everyday life as medicinal herbs, spices, foods and from our own nature and gardens - some more exotic or native to the wilderness, but most of them should feel at least somewhat familiar: distant acquaintances, if not (yet) close friends. 

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Illustrated botanical oracle deck

You can work with this deck using resources you probably already own - herbals, botanical and gardening manuals, esoteric and occult literature and, of course, your greatest resource: your intuition, your own memories and experiences with these allies and your communication with the plant spirit. 

Natural accessories


Your deck comes with a natural cotton bag and two card stands. All three are in raw form, in order for you to be able to customize and make them your own. ​

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Learn to recognize plants

As well as for divination, you can use your deck to learn to recognize plants in the wild, teach yourself to see common characteristics between species and plant families and how they live in the wild and cultivate a relationship with your local environment.


Add correspondence to your rituals

Using the provided card stands or with your own creative solutions, you can use these cards to add correspondences to your spell, rituals and ceremonies by displaying the card appropriately. You can of course also use the deck during your workings to commune with spirits.

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Choose spell ingredients

Advanced practitioners can use the deck to help choose appropriate influences for their spell bags, witch jars and incense blends by aspon the plant spirits for guidance on appropriate correspondence for their intent. 


Decorate and customize

The cotton bag can be dyed using natural plant dyes (or any dye of your choosing), to enhance your connection with the deck.

The wooden rectangular stand is made from beech wood and can be treated with vegetable and seed oils to change its color and add correspondences.

The round, natural stand with bark is from poplar wood and can also be customized to your needs and liking or left in its raw form. 

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Oracle Deck Features

Deepen your connection with the natural world and experience the power of plants and mushrooms with the Venelestis Botanical Oracle Card Deck. This unique deck features 56 familiar and exotic botanical allies, many of which you'll recognize from your kitchen, garden, or local nature walks.

Why Choose the Venelestis Botanical Oracle Card Deck?

  • Unique Plant and Mushroom Allies: Explore the mysteries of 56 familiar and exotic companions, from everyday herbs to rare finds.

  • Discover Hidden Wisdom: Unearth the rich history, medicinal properties, and magical associations of plants and mushrooms through our herbal and your own sources.

  • Intuition-Based Exploration: Forge your own path without limitations. Use your intuition and existing knowledge to unlock the messages from the cards.

  • Deepen Your Connection with Nature: Build a stronger bond with the natural world through the relationship with plants and mushrooms.

  • Enhance Your Rituals: Enrich your spiritual practices and ceremonies with the guidance of the plant kingdom.

  • Unlock Your Inner Herbalist: Dive deeper into the fascinating world of herbalism and its applications.

  • Customizable Deck: Make the natural cotton bag and wooden card stands your own by dyeing, painting, or carving them. The deck will be combinable with future expansions.

  • High-Quality Materials: The deck features full-color illustrations, thick card stock, and a slightly textured matte finish for a luxurious feel.

  • Portable and Practical: Take your practice anywhere with the convenient size (62mm x 112mm) and a natural cotton bag.

  • Expand Your Oracle Collection: This unique deck complements other oracle and tarot practices, offering fresh perspectives.

  • Local Production: The Oracle Deck is created, printed and completed in Czechia, European Union.

More than just a deck of cards, the Venelestis Botanical Oracle Card Deck is a gateway to a deeper connection with the natural world and the hidden wisdom of plants.

Order yours today and embark on a journey of botanical discovery!

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Get your copy!

The Venelestis Botanical Oracle deck is available here:

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